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Born on the way from Salzburg to Berlin. The car had broken down at -23° Celsius. There was a lot of snow out there. Began life with an Austrian passport. The father: a sailor from Minden. The mother: a seamstress from Vienna. What actually drew me to ballet class was the live piano music.

It’s really not so easy to become a ballet dancer, when you are set to get your high school degree at a classical language grammar school in Germany, studying Latin and ancient Greek. But you are really lucky when you get the chance to perform on a stage as beautiful as the one of Deutsche Oper Berlin from the age of 9. Watching every single program, performed by tremendously exciting artists on stage, and chosen from the most exquisite repertory, modern and classical.

Extremely thankful for having had full time dance contracts in six different companies during the last 20 years, dancing wonderful modern and classical pieces, I decided to become a freelance dancer, choreographer and actor in August 2020. Creating a choreography is the most precious thing. I want to try out everything I can. I want to explore different ways of working with the body and the mind. 

It makes me happy to have the chance, the opportunity and the time for this.

And I want to make this this world a better place. And help people understand each other better. In the end not too much has changed in regards to human nature. Maybe it’s all about focusing on the positives around us, leaving less space for negativity.

Books I am reading at the moment
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