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One and Bernsteinzimmer - Mimikri von ANBB, Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld /

Silouans Song - Te Deum, Arvo Pärt

Choreography, Costumes & Light

Boris Randzio

Stage Design 

Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann


Maria Bushuyeva, Eve Banneau, Elisenda Cladellas Parellada, Clément Bugnon, Boris Randzio, Bert Uyttenhove


Camille Lamy

Premiere 12.7.2012 CAPITOL GENT


On the border to darkness the air is moving, light is moving and light let the objects stand still and shine in a specific way as if they would shine by themselves just like the moon is reflecting the light of the sun thereby he shines by himself,

the same as we start to shine when his light touches us.

When there is darkness we are not existing.

We need an energy from outside to activate our own energy.

In the darkness only the voices are existing, we feel the warmth of other bodies, the reflection of our warmth from the objects,

we feel stronger.

It is about the connection between humans, between bodies, about the exchange of energy, energy of living... that makes us feel REAL.

Video Camille Lamy / Trailer Boris Randzio

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