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in my skin I am


feeling my life

running to my


feeling my life


feeling my life

where ever I go

it runs on

to where my heart belongs

to feel that

makes us strong

but we feel alone in our


we try to don´t

think of war

where we are

but everything is here

under our skin

we have to let it out

scream it loud

out of our


Text by Boris Randzio

I was creating this solo for Marija Bushuyeva... it has been the year when the unexpected war was starting in the Ukraine.

I was speechless.

And I imagine that it must be a very difficult situation when you are far from home and your life continues like before but you are very worried about your home and your family and you don´t know how this will continue.


Premier at the Interdans Festival Belgium, 10.July 2015 Theater can de Stroom Antwerpen


This is the kit & Johan Sebastian Bach


Mariya Bushuyeva


Choreography Stage and Costume

Boris Randzio


Fotos©Ida Zenna

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